Mitu Builder

978 blocks,Enjoy the pleasure of hands.

Self-balancing system|Mobile intelligent remote control|Modular graphic programming

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Multiple CPU cluster

Different professional CPU formed a powerful team of cooperation, can complete the task faster, faster boot speed, faster response times.

Powerfull & high precision motor

  • Balance
  • High PTO speed
  • Output torque
  • Photoelectric encoder
  • Motor rotation
    accuracy of 0.2 °
  • Rotation-Clogging

Precision mechanical transmission structure, the progressive integration of fun

The 978 components of Mitu Builder are made by zero draft technology which can reach a maximum precision of 0.005mm.
Together with the accurate mechanical connection structure formed by gear set, chain and cardan shaft, a high-efficient executive performance can be guaranteed.
All components of the robot are made from secure raw materials without pollution, you can rest assured to use.